About Our Soaps

Our soap is handcrafted in small batches. We have carefully chosen our ingredients to offer the very best soap possible.  We are big fans of soap with a good lather and great scent and, of course, it must also leave our skin feeling amazing.

Our ingredients:


Goat's milk (for a creamy bar with beneficial vitamins & minerals)

Olive Oil (very gentle and moisturizing)

Coconut Oil (for lather)

Palm Kernel Oil (for hardness and lather)

Castor Oil (humectant, increases lather)

Sodium Lactate (natural salt from fermented corn/beets - humectant, also increases hardness)

Tussah Silk (for an amazingly silky lather)

Sodium Hydroxide (aka Lye - can't make soap without it!)

Fragrance oils (in our 99% natural soaps)

Essential oils (in our 100% natural soaps)